Fight or Flight  (2010)
Subject: Pelicans in flight
Dimensions (feet): 3 x 7
Medium: acrylic

Description:  Fight or Flight was inspired by past human decisions directly or indirectly affecting the ecosystems of our planet.

Brown pelicans became the tool to express this statement.  They are social birds constantly cruising the airways in search of food or better surroundings. Their flight characteristics are key.  The way they glide through the air in perfect sync, as one single unit matching wing beats and air speed, almost as to mimic fighter jets in formation. This subtlety became the foundation for this piece. The jet steam in the background now becomes suited for these birds symbolizing mankind and our role in their world. It is placed in such a way that it is in harmony with the pelicans. 

In this I have created a message through random juxtaposition.  The pelicans along with mankind are soaring together towards a common goal ~ sustainability. Traveling in to battle together, in perfect sync to overcome the challenges that we are facing in the 21st century.

Thus inspiring the title, "Fight or Flight".

Rain Owl (2011)
Subject: Barred Owl – Mount Washington
Dimensions (inches)  24x36
Medium: acrylic 

Description:  British Columbia’s Mount Washington is known for its moss-laden ancient hemlocks and yellow cedars.  It is also common to experience this area with a bit of drizzle.   Hours before I boarded my plane back home I ventured to a quaint spot on Mount Washington.  Although I was excited to get back to my family it was also a moment that was somber and allowed me to reflect on my experiences before leaving this magnificent province.  In painting this piece I wanted the viewer to feel both the beauty and the somberness.  I used the branches to stretch off the other side of the painting and allow the barred owl (also known as the “rain owl” for their ability to predict the rain) to look off the page to and continue the path of direction.   The dripping moss, sudden rain and the tail feathers of the owl also contribute in creating this mood.  
Featured in The 2011 Artist's Magazine Calendar- Finalist in the 28th Annual Artist Magazine Competition
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Cypress Skies (2011) Cattle Egrets and Bald Cypress 32 x 48

While exploring a lake in a remote area of the Cypress swamps I sat to admire the wildlife that surrounded me. Being my first trip to Tropical Florida everything was fresh and exciting.  When returning home I knew I wanted to capture the feeling I experienced on that trip.  I felt depicting cattle egrets, a common bird in Florida soaking up the setting sun gave that feeling of the sheer beauty Florida has to offer.  This piece also gave me the opportunity to magnify and show off the beauty of complimentary colours. 

Finalist- Southwest Art’s 2011 Artistic Excellence Competition
Lost in B.C (2013)                     
Dimensions (inches)  27x40 inches
Medium: oil to add text.
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Billy-Jack's Fine Art
Billy-Jack's Fine Art
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker  (2014)
Subject: From Sturgeon Bay 
Dimensions (inches): 5x7
Medium: acrylic
Description: Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
Caspian Tern (2014)
Subject: From Sturgeon Bay 
Dimensions (inches): 8x10
Medium: Acrylic
Hagersville Barn(2016)
Subject: sparrow
Dimensions (inches): 
Medium: acrylic

Snow Shadows(2015)
Subject: Horned Lark
Dimensions (inches): 16x20
Medium: acrylic