Blue Heron (2012)                                   
Subject: Great Blue Heron in Algonquin                  
Medium: acrylic to k here to add text.
CliLeast Tern (2011)                                                                                                            Private  Collection
Subject: Least Tern on Gulf of Mexico                          
Dimensions (inches) 9"x19.5"
Medium: acrylic 
In Florida the Least Tern is on the threatened species list.  They are declining due to loss of habitat caused by rapid coastal development and tidal overwash.  However, this year a record number of least terns were recorded on a 2 acre desolate sandbar in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was lucky enough to have explored this place and  see them for myself.  The tide was receding and I only had a short time before the boat would be stuck and we would be stranded.  Painting this bird in a beautiful sunny scene sums up the spirit of these feisty little terns. 

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ClicTriple Threat (2011)                                                                                                                               Private  Collection 
Subject: Eastern Diamondback, Poison Ivy and Strangler Fig
Dimensions (inches) 8"x13"
Medium: acrylic 
This painting was inspired by a personal experience. Our family went on our first family vacation to the Everglades. Trent just turned 6 and Jesse was 7 when we left. They both received Snakes of Florida Books for Christmas so they could learn about all the snakes there and were aware of the ones that are dangerous and our rules of hiking in this area so different than here in Canada.
While looking for a camp spot in Long pine key Trent was sitting on my lap. Suddenly he shouted  pull over!! Its an eastern diamond back rattlesnake.  I don’t know if it is dead or alive but it is definitely an eastern diamondback!”.  I pulled  and sure enough  it was their first poisonous snake!
Those who know me, know I love snakes and reptiles.  Although the snake we saw wasn’t in poison ivy or wrapped around a strangler fig I thought it would be an artistic way to show the beauty of this venomous snake.k here to add text.
Steppenwolf  (2009)
Subject: Cat basking in light
Dimensions (inches) 9x12
Medium: acrylic  

 Finalist in the 26th annual Artist's magaizine Competition
Steppenwolf lives in Saskatchewan.  She was named after the band “Steppenwolf “and the song Born to be Wild.  She purred so loud as a kitten and because the first line of the song was “Get your motor running” it was a perfect suit.  Steppenwolf’s motor was always running.  This painting is a depiction of her lying in the sun after a good cleaning purring contently.  
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American Kestrel  (2009)
Subject: Portrait
Dimensions (inches) 8x10
Medium: acrylic       

I always love seeing the American kestrel.  He is one of Ontario’s most vibrant birds.  I tried to capture the beauty in this tiny falcon that is often seen on the top of the hydro wires.  

ClCayuga Train Bridge  (2009)
Subject: Train Bridge and Blue Heron                                                    
Dimensions (inches) 24x24                                                                  Finalist in the 27th annual Artist's magaizine Competition
Medium: acrylic  

Having lived in Cayuga for the past 10 years, I am always fascinated with the sheer size and beauty of Cayuga’s Train Bridge.  Estimates are that this bridge was first erected in and around 1901.  The pillars chosen in this painting were the only two made of block stone in the water.  They both had their own unique look and character.  When taking reference photos, my two boys played around the base of other pillars.  It is hard to imagine the scale of these pillars until my youngest son was barely taller than the height of one block.   I wanted to capture this bridge in the early evening with the gentle shadows on the pillars.  I also wanted to capture a scene that many have seen along the Grand River.  The blue heron was the obvious choice taking flight in the evening to a favourite spot waiting for his evening catch.  Something anyone who has spent time on the Grand River has admired.    The original can be seen in the Municipal building in the town of Cayuga.  
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SOLD Pieces
Billy-Jack's Fine Art
Quiet Presence  (2010)
Subject: Red Tail Hawk
Dimensions (inches) 16x40
Medium: acrylic       

One ofour families favourite past time is the red tail hawk Game.  Aquiring points everytime we spot one.  This painting captures the sighting.  A feather lightly falls with the snow after he lands. 
Chipping Sparrow  (2012)                                  
Subject: Sparrow in branch                  
Dimensions (inches)   5x7
Medium: acrylicto k here to add text.
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Burrowing Owl(2012)       
Subject: Portrait             
Dimensions (inches)
4 3/4 x5 1/2
Medium: acrylic
Grapes (2012)
Subject: Fall Grapes
Dimensions (inches) 5x7
Medium: Acrylic 

Maternal Pride (2010)
Subject: Mother and Cub
Dimensions (inches): 48 x 36
Medium: Acrylic
Description: Maternal Pride

The Glare of a lioness can be intimidating yet extremely beautiful. In this painting the sunlight has managed to penetrate the branches and find a home on the newborn cub, almost welcoming it into the world. Where there is calm there is also tension. In this scene the Mother is forced to find cover in the tangled branches of a thorny Acacia. Nearby lies a threat to her newborn cub perhaps a Cape Buffalo which will kill a cub on sight.
Cedar's Perch (2010) 

Subject: Cedar Waxwing on Showy Mountain Ash
Dimensions (inches) 14x9
Medium: acrylic  
Billy-Jack's Fine Art
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Billy-Jack's Fine Art
Casper and Daisy  (2013) 

Subject: Samoyed Commission 
Dimensions (inches) 16x24
Medium: acrylic  
Hald-Dunn Townline Sunset  (2013) 

Subject: Sunset on our road with dead Elm

Dimensions (inches) 13x7
Medium: acrylic  
Red Tail Hawk in sugar Maple (2009) Available
Dimensions (inches) 34x56
Medium: acrylic  

In the mid 1990's I worked as a courier. One of the places I delivered to was Hidden Lake golf course in Burlington. I brought my camera to work one day in hopes of painting this majestic Sugar Maple. Over 10 years later I pulled out the photograph and began painting it. This painting was the first one I had attempted in over 10 years. I learned a lot in this painting. It is the first one to begin my journey of preserving nature and wildlife with paint.
Osprey  (2012) 

Subject: Osprey ready to dive

Dimensions (inches) 12x8
Medium: acrylic  
She Got the house  (2014) 

Subject:  Black Widow

Dimensions (inches) 5x7
Medium: acrylic  
Steady to Wing  (2014) 

Subject:  GSP and Feather
*Donated to Ducks Unlimited

Dimensions (inches) 9x12
Medium: acrylic  
Journey's End (2015)
Subject: Barn and Monarch
Dimensions (inches): 10x16
Medium: acrylic

Description: the destruction we do as people. Barns are disappearing because of by-laws, lack of upkeep or appreciation as are monarchs- by lack of laws, loss of land for food, and pesticides.   The dying grapevines is a play on the death of the butterfly. 

​Northern Pacific (2014)
Subject: Tree Frog
Dimensions (inches): 9x12
Medium: acrylic
Description: Rock and Chain North of Campbell river B.C on an old abandoned logging area
Sturgeon Bay Sunset (2014)
Subject: Sunset  6x10
Dimensions (inches): 
Medium: acrylic
Description: Sunset from Sturgeon Bay